Resources for Deaf Children

Resources for Deaf Children

The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders reports that two to three children out of every 1,000 in the US, are born with hearing difficulties. Over 90 percent of the children that have a hearing impairment are born to hearing parents. As a result, it may be difficult for the parents to cope with the situation.

The good news is that resources for the needs of these families abound. Many institutions have put together guides, educational tools and other resources that the parents of deaf children can rely on to encourage development.

American Society for Deaf Children Resources

The American Society for Deaf Children has an extensive learning center on its website. The tools available there are targeted especially at the needs of family members, educators and service providers who work with deaf children.

Parents and families are given access to visual language learning interactive tools, ASL learning tools and a lot of information about the educational process when deaf children are being involved. In addition, there’s an extensive list of recommended reading materials.

Finally, the website makes announcement about tutoring options, courses and networking opportunities for the parents of deaf children. Having a support group and learning through the experience of others can be particularly beneficial, which is why the respective section of the website is definitely worth taking a look at.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Resources

CDC has a detailed range of resources on its website, as well. For a start, there is a detailed guide for parents to understanding hearing loss in children, building language, communicating and doing family decision making.

The list of resources provides information about the best places that offer hearing screening, family support, cochlear implants and state resources. There are educational resources, as well. These include contact information for all of the organizations that can guide a family through the process and help them make the most of it.

Resources for Deaf Children

National Deaf Children’s Society

This UK organization has an excellent website with tons of resources. These are organized in different sections, making it very easy to access solely the tools that you’re interested in.

The organization has its own magazine that can be downloaded through the website. It can answer many of the common questions about deafness and the best possible learning approach. There’s also an extensive introduction to sign language for parents and kids.

The National Deaf Children’s Society also has information about navigating through hearing test results, resources on hearing aids, progress monitoring resources and a guide to teaching phonics to deaf children.

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss Resources

This organization has a detailed and well-structured website. Parents can find resources that are organized by age group. There are tools for the parents of deaf toddlers, as well as information for parents who have school aged children with hearing loss.

The resources include an extensive article library on the topic of hearing loss, tips for putting together individual education plans with a teacher, communication strategies and how parents can address the psychological impacts of hearing loss.